Friday, December 11, 2009

Attack of the Killer Brisket- Happy Hanukah!

It’s Hanukah, but I’m too busy filling Christmas orders of Java Juice, I forgot all about it, like I do every year!

Not to be a Grinchberg- It's just that I’m not big on the idea of gift-giving a way to commemorate an eight-day war. Still, I would love to give you something this holiday season. Nu? How’s this a stocking stuffer?

My Grandma’s Brisket Recipe. I was craving it so I made it tonight.

Happy Hanukah and good Shabbos too. Double whammy this Friday.

Sylvia's Killer Brisket

First, get a about 2 pounds, kosher first-cut brisket, fat trimmed.

Preheat oven to 300. Score the brisket in about 10 places and stuff with raw garlic cloves And salt and pepper it. Then braise the mean on a medium flame in the Le Crusset I’ll roast the brisket in.

After the braising, remove the brisket and set aside on a plate.

Then, ‘sweat’ 2 onions cut into rings in the Dutch oven.

Do this on very low heat so just until the onions get translucent.

If they are sticking to the pot, I add a splash of red wine, (just a touch)

to loosen them so they won’t stick or burn.

While that’s going on. I take a small can of tomato paste, dump it in a bowl with approx 1/4 c. dark brown sugar, a tbs. Of Worsteshire sauce. A half packet of Java Juice. A spritz really.

Another little sploosh of red wine and stir it into a thick paste.

Return the braised beef to the Dutch oven on top of the bed of the perfectly clear onions. Then slather the tomato paste mixture over the beef.

Here’s where the methodology gets organic. I had 4 carrots so those got cut into

1” pieces and they went in. Found some golden prunes, dried apricot and diced them so in they went. Wished I had fresh bay leaf, but I didn’t.

Got a handful of dried cherries, and sprinkled them on top before

Putting in a slow oven. 275. About and our per lb. Dried cherries

are bomb. In or on anything, even meat.

Baste two or three times during cooking. Remove from heat, cool meat, and slice across the grain.

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