Monday, December 14, 2009

10 easy No cost paper wrapping

I'm forever taking a glue gun to the package and adding
some coffee beans...but the ideas on this list are fast and easy

1. Tissue paper that's accumulated in your home over the year. Don't think of tissue paper as only the "inside layer" of wrapping, use it on the outisde.

2. Fabric. Wrap it like regular wrapping or tie it up like a satchel. Old sheets cut-up work great as well.

3. Twine. Forget store-bought ribbons, twine is so cheap it's almost free (get it at your local hardware store) and it's naturally grown.

4. Beads. To add extra flourish or color to your twine-ribbon, thread a bead onto either end of the twine and tie a know at the end to keep the bead secure. No need to have them match, any random bead you might find will do.

5. Brown paper bags. Even better than recycling them is re-using them.

6. Newspaper. Choose their favorite section of the paper and add some further decorations with markers.

7. Tins or glass bottles. If the package itself is attractive enough, there's no need to wrap it. Get naked this year and forgo the wrapping altogether!

8. Magazines. Paste together a bunch of pages that incorporate the recipient's interests.

9. Gift within a gift. If one of the gifts can be used as wrapping, then do so! For example an apron wrapped around cooking utensils.

10. Print out an image online. If the gift is small enough to be wrapped in one sheet of printer paper, then find a fun image online, print it out and use this as the wrapping.

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