Monday, February 16, 2009

Rave Reviews from round the kingdom


“A smooth finish on the pallet, extraordinary to cook with!”
Christian Clegg- chief Executive Chef Promontory Point

Greg Kennedy, Owner - Gearheads Outdoor Store, Utah
“Java juice is the easiest way to make great coffee in the field.”

“I was the envy of camp every morning as I sipped my aromatic cup of Java Juice! The highlight of my day in the Gobi Desert!! I brought lots of packets to pass around and got rave reviews.” Terri Schneider -

“ To compare Java Juice with instant would be ridiculous, and I’m done with playing around with field French presses or percolators. You’ve hit a home run.”
Nelson Rosen, MAJ, MC, USAR - Surgical Team

“After you add water, sip it don’t chug it. Java Juice® is the port wine of coffee extract.”
Martin Kirk, President - Bag Select

" This is coffee-house quality, coffee house caffeine, climbing bum price. Only drawback I have found, it is damn hard to find, so if you find some, buy it, and if you don’t like it, send it to me!” Jason Magness- yogi -

“I just tried my first cup of Java Juice and its awesome! It is very close to some coffee I had over 30 years ago while in Puerto Rico at a coffee plantation. I’ve never had anything since that tasted as good. There is no acid aftertaste. The plantation would pick the ripe beans, dry them in the sun like raisins, then boil the beans until there was a thick syrup which they then added hot water. I’ve been thinking about that
coffee ever since. Thank you.”
Lee Graf - Java Juice® Customer

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